1. Iqbal Khan

    E9.0 JDE HCM | Labor distribution

    Hi members, Anyone can help me with JDE HCM? I have an issue with "Labor distribution", Basic and Allowances are distributing correctly but "Deduction DBA" values are not distributed. Thanks in advance JDE 9.0
  2. JDE E1 Time and Labor : Setting Hour Rate

    Hi All, I am working on a project to implement Project Time Entry Mobile Applications. The issue that my client encounter is question in regards to Whether JDE will might (not) support the Enterprise Bargaining Agreements (EBA) that our client use for their Civil Business using out of the box...
  3. R31422 Leaving F31122 records with Process Status = I

    Hi, R31422 is running and leaving some records with a "processed status" of I...i cannot find any documentation as to why this status would be set. The IH transactions for work orders left at this status are not making it to the GL. Would anyone know why? There is no .pdf report on the R31422...