1. E9.2 Table for Reference Notes from Customer Ledger Inquiry - Activity Messages

    Hi All, I'm trying to find the table that the reference notes sit in from the Customer Ledger Inquiry - Activity Messages screen. The alias is Y55RN, but I cant seem to find any table that references that field. Any help would be really appreciated
  2. E9.1 How to setup free goods by item group

    Hi there, I got the following scenario where I would like to use JDE advanced pricing: Setup a line level adjustment based on advanced item group on SRP2 called ABC. Let's say that we have 10 items that have SRP2=ABC: ITEM1 ABC ITEM2 ABC ITEM3 ABC ITEM4 ABC ITEM5 ABC ITEM6...
  3. Server Manager (for 1-click provisioning) will not start; how to resolve this?

    Hi: I'm executing the JDE/E1 1-click provisioning (ocp) process (Windows on premise). The Provisioning Console requires a connection to Server Manager but it is down. Debug files indicate "output: Port 8998 is still DOWN" and "Server Manager Console is not running". The ocp install/prep...
  4. Problem In Inventory From Apparent Over Commitment

    Hi List - We have an item now in negative availablity, which makes it of course not usable. This is likely from 2 sales order thats posted the same amt for commitment. Some indications was doing the copy of applicable sales order line with the amount in question and then await the scheduled...