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  1. E9.2 Incorrect Open Amount in P03B2002

    Hello community, I have an issue with application P03B2002. For certain chargeback invoices, when I query an invoice number and fill in the as of date in the header, the open amount disappears even though the invoice is not closed. When I remove the as of date and requery, the amount appears...
  2. MRP Finishing Late

    Hi All, From the past few weeks Robot job that is scheduled for running the MRP is finishing late. Initially the Robot job end at or before 5:00AM but now sometime it even works long to 8:00AM. Anyone could please help me with what could be the possible cause of this issue. We also checked...
  3. JDE Certification Query

    Hi All, I’m having around 3 years of work experience in JD Edwards technical & Functional Module and planning for oracle certification exam but having lots of confusion 1. How to register? 2. Is it necessary your company should be oracle partner? 3. If my company not OPN partner then how to...
  4. R04572 Check Printing

    I created a new version for the check Printing report (R04572) so how would I update the system so that the new version is run whenever i call from application P04571 & P0413M? I defined the custom version in P0417 application still while running R04572 Form P0413M or P04517 it is by default...
  5. Accounts Payable Reports - Net Due Date with Payment Date

    Hi, Is there any standard report/view/table that gives me the net due date and payment date for each AP invoice ?
  6. Reg. Year Start Setup for JDE Financials

    Hi, I have a basic question. Is there any setup activity that i am missing for the new year start process in JDE Financials ? Activity: ===== 1. Fiscal date pattern Setup 2. Work day calendar Setup 3. Next Number Setup 4. Cost object reports setup
  7. JDE Finance Certification

    Can you please help me to find any certification material for JDE Finance ?