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jde e1

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    New Environment Creation

    Hi List, I have a requirement to create a new environment mirroring our current production environment. We are on 9.1 TR9205 I found the doc- Oracle Support Document 2216807.2[FONT=inherit] (E1: ENV: How to Create a Custom Environment Using the Environment Director (P989400) or the...
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    Override Date Format

    We are running EDI in US and EU. US user profiles has MDY date format with "/" separator. The EDI output file generates dates as MM/DD/YY and our translator is set to handle this format. EU user profiles have DMY format with "-" separator. The EDI output file generates dates as DD-MM-YY...
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    JDE Certification Query

    Dear all, I’m having around 3 years of work experience in JD Edwards technical & Functional Module and planning for oracle certification exam but having lots of confusion 1. How to register? 2. Is it necessary your company should be oracle partner? 3. If my company not OPN partner then how to...
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    Developing Loan Management System in JD Edwards E1

    Have anyone developed, modules/functionalities for handling the Loan Management Cycle for Lending Industry (includes Disbursing a loan and collecting installments against the same over a fixed period) in JD Enterprise One? Could you please suggest if any standard JDE module can be used as basis?
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    Report in row Format

    Hi Everyone, Recently I got one report requirement from the retail department in which they required total amount of sales of each individual branch of a particular date and report should be in raw format (please see attached format). This is no update report and using table F4211. I tried this...
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    JDE E1 9.0 Number of Concurrent Users

    Is there any tool in JDE E1 9.0 (Tools 9.1) running on IBM i, that looks at/shows user activity history, such as determining the peak number of concurrent users in a day?
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    Accounts Payable Reports - Net Due Date with Payment Date

    Hi, Is there any standard report/view/table that gives me the net due date and payment date for each AP invoice ?