1. BSSV and JAX-WS in Standalone Demo JDE

    I'm using a standalone demo version of JDE with JDeveloper (inbuilt with weblogic application) for developing business services. My question is 1. Oracle documentation says external apps can pass credentials in SOAP header to published business services to authenticate users with the set up of...
  2. Unable to create JAX-WS webservices in JDeveloper

    I'm trying to create JAX-WS web service using JDeveloper.. Oracle documentation (https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E24705_01/doc.91/e24218/e1_as_web_service_provid.htm#EOTDE257) says once "JAX-WS Webservices" package is added to the classpath, it can be deployed as a JAX-WS web service. But I see a...