1. account lockout

    hi Guys i have as400/iseries Os 7vr3, and we just changed the JDE password, the account is getting locked/disabled on iSeries...we would like to know where can i get machines details where the account is getting locked. hostname, IP address?which command shows these logs ?display only comes...
  2. E9.2 USER roles

    Hi Guys 1. I would like to know where i can get history table of changes made to a Role? 2. Does it show Show PC and IP of where a person was logged when changes were made?
  3. B34A1030 Execute QShell Command on AS/400 IBM iSeries

    Hello, I'm needing some assistance with executing a QShell command on and AS/400 IBM iSeries running JDE E1 Tools Release Let me start by saying I don't know much of anything about AS/400. The command is meant to read all of the file names and folders within a specified path and write...
  4. E9.2 User Permissions and table changes report

    Hi Guys I'm new to JDE and DB2 for i , and iSeries I need help with the below reports: 1. what access each user has? 2. roles and what can those role change on the system/db? 3. system/ DB changes history Trail? 4. Can I schedule it to run daily/week/Monthly?
  5. E9.2 Replatforming off of iSeries / IBM i

    We'd like to replatform off of our IBM i and move JD Edwards to a Windows platform. Has anyone here undergone that journey? Any tips, tricks, gotchas, etc. that you can share? We're very much in the discovery phase of this project but would like to start lining things up so we follow best...
  6. JDE and Tableau

    I'm involved in trying to use TABLEAU to report from World (A7.3) We're able to connect to the iSeries, get into a "library" (aka "schema"), and drag a table into Tableau. For fun, I've been trying to create a "visualization" based on Address Book (F0101). Some columns, ABAN8 and ABALPH...
  7. Table Conversion on iseries

    How does the Table conversion process work on the As400? What command do you run to kick it off?
  8. Import data to Jde e1 9.1 on iseries

    What is the best way to get Ar data imported to the iseries off premise? I am thinking of creating a z file table structure in a csv file and importing this and creating a program to kick off a job to put the data from the z tables into the correct ar table. Any help on this would greatly...
  9. iSeries - won't compile C-Functions / NERs?

    Howdy, Don't call me a CNC (that's my night job??) Recently - we had some build issues. Things were going great, then one day - kaputz... Functions stopped compiling. Is there a short-list of things I should review? Functions build on Fat Clients, on Windows Logic Servers - just not on the...
  10. F5 health monitor with i-Series websphere

    Hi all, We have come acorss an issue regarding the health monitors on the F5 when checking the status if JDE instances which are hosted on an as/400 i-series server. When we stopped the JDE web services on port 91, we noticed that the same port (91) was still listening on the i-series...
  11. JDE / ISeries with Macro - Where to start

    I am fairly new to both JDE and ISeries. I very little training available, I am looking for a place to start building an understanding of how to build a Macro to automate some data collection out of JDE. Any recomendations where I can find some Macro Instructions/Tutorials/Examples?