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    JDE and Tableau

    I'm involved in trying to use TABLEAU to report from World (A7.3) We're able to connect to the iSeries, get into a "library" (aka "schema"), and drag a table into Tableau. For fun, I've been trying to create a "visualization" based on Address Book (F0101). Some columns, ABAN8 and ABALPH...
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    Table Conversion on iseries

    How does the Table conversion process work on the As400? What command do you run to kick it off?
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    Import data to Jde e1 9.1 on iseries

    What is the best way to get Ar data imported to the iseries off premise? I am thinking of creating a z file table structure in a csv file and importing this and creating a program to kick off a job to put the data from the z tables into the correct ar table. Any help on this would greatly...
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    iSeries - won't compile C-Functions / NERs?

    Howdy, Don't call me a CNC (that's my night job??) Recently - we had some build issues. Things were going great, then one day - kaputz... Functions stopped compiling. Is there a short-list of things I should review? Functions build on Fat Clients, on Windows Logic Servers - just not on the...
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    F5 health monitor with i-Series websphere

    Hi all, We have come acorss an issue regarding the health monitors on the F5 when checking the status if JDE instances which are hosted on an as/400 i-series server. When we stopped the JDE web services on port 91, we noticed that the same port (91) was still listening on the i-series...
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    JDE / ISeries with Macro - Where to start

    I am fairly new to both JDE and ISeries. I very little training available, I am looking for a place to start building an understanding of how to build a Macro to automate some data collection out of JDE. Any recomendations where I can find some Macro Instructions/Tutorials/Examples?