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  1. C

    Water/ Waste Water Management software?

    Hi, I work for a municipality in Ontario, Canada with a population of approx 100,000 citizens. Is there any water/waste water management software that supports municipalities and has good/decent integration with JD Edwards or has support from a boutique integrator to build custom integration...
  2. T

    DSI Standard scripts for JD Edwards

    Hi, Does DSI provides standard scripts with its new installation and pulgin with JDE based on below modules of JDE 1. Procurement 2. Inventory 3. Work Order
  3. A

    Integration of JDE WorldSoft A7.3 with a Third party System

    Hi Friends, I need a urgent help, client is using JDE WorldSoft A7312 version and we need to integrate the Sales Order management module with Third party system. So basically we need to extract data from JDE and Import to JDE after processing in Third Party. My Questions are:- What...
  4. H

    pdf to Sales Order in JDE

    I have a customer who is looking for packaged solution that will integrate Purchase Order in pdf into JDE. I have worked with TransformAP from Bottomline Technologies for integrating paper invoices to JDE vouchers, I'd imagine there is similar integration solution for purchase order to JDE...
  5. cmisztur

    E9200 Integration Options

    E920 Integration Options Hello. I am a .NET developer trying to fit in the JDE world :p. As we move away from our ancient ERP systems and standardize on JDE we are looking for integration options. Our first attempt has been the JDE-EO adapter within BizTalk. The Java Connector has not been...
  6. E

    Newbie question- Is there a generic function in BSSV to update any item/BOM

    Hi, I hope someone can advise. I am looking for ways to integrate changes between two installs. i.e a part in one erp is changed, now I want to call a web service in the other erp to update the copy of the same part in that system. Given there are thousands of different parts, I am hoping it is...
  7. S

    Calling JDEdwards 9.1 from .net C#?

    Hi, i am pretty new to JDEdwards integration to C#. We have JDEdwards version 9.1. I am working on ASP.NET application and need to query tables and also call business function from JDE system. 1) Can someone tell me which .net driver i need to download? 2) Also, can you share any sample code or...