1. Iqbal Khan

    E9.0 JDE HCM | Labor distribution

    Hi members, Anyone can help me with JDE HCM? I have an issue with "Labor distribution", Basic and Allowances are distributing correctly but "Deduction DBA" values are not distributed. Thanks in advance JDE 9.0
  2. E9.2 Custom application to update F08042

    I have a custom application which is an application behind API Orchestration. I use API to update employees details. Issue is - changes are not written into F08042, and we will need to track them. I read Oracle documents about History tracking and it seems quite tricky. Is there any risks if...
  3. problems with Generate Graphic Organizational Chart

    I am using JDE E1 9.1, and i use the program (P08713W- Generate Graphic Organizational Chart) to generate position chart for the employees, but i have a problem with it, when i change an employee's supervisor on the (Organizational Assignment -P0801ORG), the change is not updated the chart even...
  4. Rauf

    Benefits for employees: Should it be in HCM or in Asset Management ?

    My company is to log all details of employees who is having laptop, mobile phone, car etc. These are the benefits for employees. Is JDE 8.12 is having modules to manage these details. Is it come in Asset management or in Human Capital Management ?