1. earthdog

    JDEdwards ODS strategy for external reporting tool

    We will move to a centralized JDE 9.2 environment. Present Situation: 4 separate ERP8.0 installations on AS/400 Future: 1 x ERP 9.2 on AS/400 OR Oracle stack We are going to use also an external Reporting tool for operational reporting needs. this is NOT BI. So in order not for this tool to...
  2. earthdog

    What are the guidelines when i classify a user for a sizing exercise?

    Hi All We are considering upgrading from ERP8.0 to latest ERP 9.1[ Among other things i would like to know what are the guidelines that i should follow in order to assign to each user if he is light,standard or heavy. We have been told that the criteria is the business events or transactions...