1. E9.2 Forecast Online Simulation - P3461

    E1: 9.2 TR: We are getting web exception from "Forecast Calculations" screen(Form: W3461D) when clicking OK. Logs give no indication of error. Message indicates "String index out of range: -1". Very little documentation on this application. Is anyone using this application to...
  2. JDE Integration with Forecast Pro

    Hi, Does anyone have any experience with the ForecastPro software and its integration with JDE for demand forecasting? I wanted to know the effort involved with the system integration of these two software and whether the Forecast Pro software has any pre-built integration mapping with the JDE...
  3. Budgeting/Forecasting Tools

    Anyone use any type of budgeting/forecasting tools that work with JD Edwards World? I need to find a solution, the current budgeting using excel spreadsheets aren't working for us.