1. E9.2 Question regarding Rough Cut (Fine Cut)

    Hi there! I am not able to find anything regarding what Rough Cut regarding security and how it affect user/task security. Can anyone brief me a bit about it? Thank you in advance!!
  2. E9.2 Rough Cut in 9.2

    Hi there! I'm new to JD Edwards world. Can anyone explain me what Rough Cut stands for and its practical use? It is available on JDE 9.2? I can't find an explanation in the web or neither this forum. Thanks in advance!!
  3. question regarding Menu Filtering (Finecut) objects in OMW

    Hello, This is the first time I see this issue and I'm not able to fix it, And now i'm questioning myself if this is an incorrect configuration or if JDE vanilla works like this. My first problem was that after I apply a finecut to a menu for some role, after clicking in "Save", when I go to...