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  1. N

    P4210 F4211 End Doc Question

    Hello Everyone, We are currently upgrading from 9.0 to 9.2 and adding all customizations. in 9.0 we have customizations on the Post Button Clicked in the OK button in P4210 to loop thru all the lines of the order being created to update fields like VR01. What I have noticed in 9.2 that when the...
  2. B

    API "jdeRetrieveDataPtr" not returning all values from F4211

    Hi everyone, I am trying retrieve values from P4210 Sales Order entry screen in my custom "C" BSFN using API "jdeRetrieveDataPtr" ( lpdsF4211 = (LPF4211)jdeRetrieveDataPtr(dsInternal.hUser, lpDS->idF4211RowPtr) and I see many values returned except few fields like SDVEND that I need for my...
  3. AnilKumar9

    Insert Detail all Lines into F4211 using business function.

    Identifying Index for custom Table. Hello All, I'm new to Business function please let me know how to find index for custom table. For Example for F0901 i could see index as :ID_F0901_ACCOUNT_ID ,in the similar way how could i come to know for Custom tables? My Custom Table key is on...
  4. P

    How to identify current back orders or order lines

    All, How to identify all the current back orders (F4201) or back ordered lines (F4211). I understand that SDLTTR can be 900, 902, 904, 909 for back order lines. however i read that this status remains same even after order line is released. so is there a way to identify the current back...
  5. B

    F40UI74 and F4074

    Hello, I have an external application that use XMLCallObject and BSNF F4211FSBeginDoc, F4211FSEditLine, F4211FSEndDoc, we use advanced pricing, I see all info of orders in F4201, F4211 but only have records of these orders on F40UI74 and not in F4074 (Doc number 0) how can I write the records...