1. How can i change length of DSC1 (F4101 Table) column up to 300 ??? is it possible ?

    My client ask to me want to input more informaion into DSC1 and DSC2 column of ITEM Master Table ( F4101 ). If there is a way... Please help me. Thanks.
  2. Processing options P4101 in R4101Z1i

    Hi all, I am currently trying to upload test data to table F4101 using only minimum fields as white paper describes. the problem is i can get the data into the Z table (F4101Z1) but no further, i believe the problem lies in the processing options of P4101, anyone has any advice on how to...
  3. Copy new Item Master record to Item Branch

    I am trying to simplify the process when creating a new Item, specifically when copying an existing item to create a new one. So far everything is working fine except I would like to find a business function that will create the item branch record from the item master without having to use the...