1. E9.2 R007021 - Showing Unposted Header

    Hey Guys , upon running the R007021 Transactions To Batch Headers Integrity Report , I received an error message on F03B13 to F011 - Batch Header (F0011) Posted / Header (F03B13) Unposted I do not see the mentioned Payment ID in Batch Revisions Applications , the only records that exist for it...
  2. Post mark in F03B13 before collection (work with drafts)

    Hi all! Hope you are fine! I´m having som problems with AR drafts. The normal procedure with a Draft is: 1) Create it with P03B602; 2) Remittance with R03B672; 3) Collection with R03B680. F03B13.POST is updated with a 'D' after the posting of Collection batch. Not before. So, the problem is that...