expense management

  1. XE Workflow Approval - Expense Report - Status 06

    Hi All, Someone knows the reasons why the Approval Workflow returns '06' in F98860 (PIPROCSTS= '06') and F98865 (AIACTSTS = '06') Do you have the Workflow process documentation?
  2. Expense Management

    We have implemented Expense Management and I would like to know if there is a way to identify in the F20112 table if the expense was manually inputted or was the expense taken from the Credit Card interface table F09E150? Does anyone know if there is a way? thanks
  3. Mobile Application Security

    So this is driving me crazy and its probably something simple I am missing, but we are trying to get the Expense Management - Mobile Expense Entry app to work (M09E021) in EnterpriseOne - based on the User we are testing with I have narrowed down the issue to being security related as if I place...
  4. Expnese Management

    I want to setup Expense Management in JDE. We are not using HR & Payroll system. Can anyone list the steps I need to follow to setup simple expense management cycle. Regards
  5. Expense management category changes

    Hello, Is it possible to allow the auditor to change an expense category once the user has submitted it? Right now, they are rejecting a lot of expense reports because users are assigning the wrong category. We're working on the training issues but I was wondering if there was an expense...