1. EnterpriseOne Security Violation [9.2]

    Got a user that gets an email saying "EnterpriseOne Security Violation for R42750" when creating Sales Orders and doing another standard activities for his role. No one else under the same role or profile set up is experiencing this, it started quite recently. Doesn't actually look security...
  2. Emailing Statement Quick questions - what have you done for these?

    Hello, We are currently using embedded BI Publisher for emailing sales invoices (r42565) and it works great. We are using Send Method in A/R as the data selection on the R42565 to separate the emailed from printed jobs. We are using the data driven email on Sold To which references the...
  3. Prevent scheduler to run if report is empty in BIP

    as per title, anyone has any idea on how to prevent this to happen in BI Publisher? tried to look for this option, but doesn't seem like have this kind of option in the scheduler setting, nor report properties.
  4. Mike Mackinnon

    BI Publisher - Burst to Customer Email Address

    We have setup a process to email AR Customer Statements to our customers. The emailing seems to work fine so far. However, I am wondering if there is a way to specify the 'type' of email address to use from the F01151 table (types 'E', 'ES','I', etc.). We may have the possibility of many...
  5. BI Report Bursting

    Hello, Could any one help me on the below scenario. UBE output is bursting on AN8 field. AN8 mapped three email ids in F01151. When I am submitting the BI report output is bursting based on address number and sending the output to each email id individually. So that email id 1 can not come to...
  6. Creating a CSV file using Create!Form

    I am trying to email the CSV output from a UBE using Create!Form. ideally, I would just setup Director to email the csv file created by the UBE. From the research I have done, director is not able to do this withe the csv file generated by the UBE and it was suggested that I perform the...
  7. Send BI Publisher XML file in an email

    Has anyone sent (or have an idea) the XML file produced in a BI Publisher Report in an email as an attachment?
  8. Using exchange server to send mail?

    Hello, In the JDEMAIL section of jde.ini, an SMTP server is required as a MAILSERVER. Is a microsoft exchange server usable instead? To my knowledge, modern exchange servers don't use an actual SMTP server, but do use the protocol. So, I am wondering if it can be used this way - I couldn't find...
  9. Optio - Kick back undelivered message

    Hey - We're currently sending monthly statements to our customers in PDF using Optio. Is there a reporting function or a way to designate a general box to receive input for undelivered messages when the email address is invalid?