edi 850 blanket r47011


    E9.2 EDI Configuration for Processing 850 Orders

    Hello, I find myself in need of implementing the EDI process for a client. Some time ago, I implemented it for one of our clients, but I had to use an API that invoked an orchestration and inserted the data into tables F47011 and F47012. However, now we need to add this service for a new...
  2. EDSomers

    Releasing sales orders from blankets using EDI 850

    E-1 9.2 Tools 9.2.1 I'm trying to convince the 850 EDI import to create a sales order as a blanket release, but failing miserably. I have populated F47011 and F47012. I am calling a version of P4210 that is set to automatically release from the blanket. I am populating the original order...