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    Create!Forms v3 does not work with E9.2

    Hi, We are using CreateForms v3 with EnterpriseOne 9.0 with no problems. However, when I ran a E9.2 report against our current version of CreateForms, I got – ‘Invalid or corrupted input PDF file’ error. Has anything changed on the pdf output of the UBE between E9.0 and E9.2? From the below...
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    How to View ESU's on Previous installations

    List, Is there an easy way to view code changes in ESU's for a previous release? We are on JDE E9.2 and have a bug in one of our reports (R43500). The bug is fixed in an ESU for 9.1 but hasn't been approved for 9.2 yet. We need this ASAP to Go-Live. Is there a way I can view the code that...