1. cazzafed

    E9.2 Icon in E1 Page

    Hi, i have a E1 page, but when i add a UBE, my page don't show the respective icon for UBE.. 1. In this case, for "Inventory Status" in the E1 page i see "@m:task=.." 2. but for "PUR - Open orders report" in the e1 page i see @e:ubeid=UBE|version=VERSION:PUR - Open orders...
  2. E1Pages - How to run local application

    Hi All, is there any way how to call local application from E1 pages? For example C:\WINDOWS\notepad.exe? And if yes, how to disable the icon if the path does not exist? Thanks for your reply. Petr
  3. tatscub

    E1 Pages change text on buttons when using Task I'ds

    Hi all , Has any one found a way of changing the text displayed on an e1 page button when the button is specified using a task id? I'm wondering if its possible to pass in a flag , in the same way we can set the button color e,g @A:task=20/VF580910C|color=red or if we need to...