1. Rauf

    Fixed Asset - Negative Net Book Value

    Is there any chance the NBV of a fixed asset to be negative value ? Some assets in the Fixed Asset module shows NBV as negative and it happened during the February 2018. And for June 2018, the system suddenly adjusts the negative amounts which results in big drop in accumulated depreciation...
  2. Mass Upload of Depreciation Default?

    Hi everyone! I'm setting up some new companies in an old 8.11 version of E1 and are needing to create lots of depreciation default values. Is there a way to do a mass upload from Excel for this? Any input or advise will be appreciated. Thanks in advance, Kenny
  3. JDE Fixed Assets Net Balance Value

    We are using JDE 9.0, Some of our assets like cars, furniture are fully depreciated. We don't want to dispose these assets, but would like to some how change the values so that net balance can be 1. Please advise the possible solution. Regards
  4. Mike Mackinnon

    Fixed Asset - Single Asset (Missed)

    We have a situation where a fixed asset was missed during running of depreciation. We would like to be able to run the depreciation on the single asset but are unsure if this will cause any problems. I have run the preliminary depreciation on the asset (proof mode) and appear to get the...