1. N/A Error when ESU deployment setup

    Hello everyone, I get the following error in the deployment server when I try to setup ESU. Is there anything I can do to solve the problem ?
  2. E1 JDE 9.1 Apps Release -- Deployment Server Files Corrupt -- Help Needed!

    I was in the process of extracting files for our 9.1 Apps Release - Deployment Server and it seems as if the following files, ascontrol.ear and E1Local14.CAB, are corrupt: - Deployment Server\System\OC4J\j2ee\home\applications\ascontrol.ear - Deployment Server\OneWorldClient Install\Third...
  3. Does changing data selection require deployment?

    Hi All, I have developed a batch applications whereby its an UBE calling an UBE. In this case, its calling and EDI UBE. My question here is, if i were to change the data selection of the EDI UBE at version level, does it require a re-deployment of the version? Please advise. Thanks...
  4. Rauf

    Should a full package deployment needed after changing a DATA ITEM property(especiall

    As far as my team knows, a full package deployment is needed even I change a data item, say Y59DESC1 having 5 chars, later changed to 12 chars. I am wondering, for a small change, we need to do a full package ? Behind the scenes: Y59DESC1 having an edit rule, IsColumnInMasterTable. After...