deployment server

  1. E8.11 Deployment server restore

    Hello All, Please help with your Expertise ideas. I am a Application support person and we don't have CNC guy in house but we do get 3rd party support for CNC tasks. We have a situation our Deployment server is has some issues but we do have a entire backup from a week ago and like to restore...
  2. N/A Error when ESU deployment setup

    Hello everyone, I get the following error in the deployment server when I try to setup ESU. Is there anything I can do to solve the problem ?
  3. E9.2 Change Name of Servers OVM

    Hello every one, when I deployed the Jd edwards E920 deployment server with tool release9.2.4.3 I forgot to modify the names of the servers (database server, html servers ...) as indicated on the following image : How can I now make the modification in windows server 2016 and thanks in advance?
  4. Can't see my changes on DV web for a Batch after deployment

    Hello Everyone. This is weird. If anyone could help me out with something that will be fine. I have done changes on a custom batch and ran it locally. I could see my changes. I get an xml with my changes. Post deployment, I see my changes in the code but when I run the batch on the DV server...
  5. Unable to validate against E1local on Dep server

    Hello List, I am unable to login to JDE on the DEP server with below error- <Jde.log>- OCI0000141 - Error - ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied While working with Oracle, we tried several things; 1. Doc ID 1138805.1 simple SQLPLUS sign in against SYSTEM/ADMIN/SYS to the...
  6. E1 JDE 9.1 Apps Release -- Deployment Server Files Corrupt -- Help Needed!

    I was in the process of extracting files for our 9.1 Apps Release - Deployment Server and it seems as if the following files, ascontrol.ear and E1Local14.CAB, are corrupt: - Deployment Server\System\OC4J\j2ee\home\applications\ascontrol.ear - Deployment Server\OneWorldClient Install\Third...