1. Demo install: Error opening Web Browser (E1 BrowserMenu) from JDE Solution Explorer

    Oracle Virtual Box VM on a MacBook Windows 7 Pro 64bit JDE Demo Tools Release Getting the "“Could not start web server”, followed by “Could not find Webserver, followed by "Failed to Launch E1 Menu on HTML Engine” Originally installed JDK 7 u80 64 bit, then uninstalled and installed...
  2. pawaramit2000

    JDE Demo 9.0(9.1.5) on Windows 8.1

    Hi, Have anybody configured Demo 9.0(9.1.5) on Windows 8. As part of instructions I have installed 12c database. Fail to complete installation of JDE standalone as it failed to recognize if database is installed. Attaching screen print. Let me know if more details require.
  3. Enable BSSV on E910 Standalone

    Follow steps: 1. Install compatible Jdeveloper release. 2. Change jde.ini. Add following section. [MTR VALIDATION] # Use Following Entries for JDeveloper ( Change this version if different) BusobjInMB=350 CDiskInMB=200 DeployDiskInMB=5000 NMakeVersion=6.00.8168.0...