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  1. J

    Can't find source for some functions (e.g. AllocPOValuesFromF983051POData)

    Hello all! I'm debugging a business function and I've come across a function in it called AllocPOValuesFromF983051POData. Is there any way to see where this function is defined? I've built COBLIB, COBJLIB, CCUSTOM, CALLBSFN, and I can't figure out where it is. I can't even right-click -> Go To...
  2. J

    P4210 to Price History

    Hey Everyone, Does anyone know the business function that P4210 uses to write a Price History Record to P4074-Pricing History? When UPC2, URAT, or EUSE is filled in during Order Creation, the price records are written to F4074. I would like to replicate this when an order is revised. I've been...
  3. R

    E1: FAT Client debugging- force spawned UBE to run local

    On the E1 Fat client (Tools 9.1.3), I am trying to run the R04572 in debugger. The problem is, this report is initiated from the P04572 which triggers the R04571, which in turn will triggers the R04572. I need to force the local web client (OC4J web server) to use the FAT client as the ENT...
  4. A

    Debugging BSFN - How to Add DLL in Visual Studio 2005/2008 for Rel B7333

    :confused:B7333 release: oexplorer.exe has to be used for debugging BSFNs in Visual Studio (newer version uses ActiveConsole.exe). In addition to oexplorer.exe we need to add DLL which contains BSFN we wish to debug. VC 6.0: all set. Visual Studio 2005 or 2008. I can open project and select...