1. BIP Date Formatting for multiple languages "DD MMMM YYYY"

    Hi, We have a requirement for an invoice print where the date needs to be setup in the RTF as follows "DD MMMM YYYY" which should display as "10 January 2019". This works fine using the BI Publisher Properties using the date type and formatting. However, this requirement needs to work for all...

    convert a number string to a date

    Hi I a beginner in using BI Publisher, I have a number string in my XML which looks like 20161130 I need to create a date format 30/11/2016 from it, in the past I have received the XML in date format so was able to get my date using the template builder. The code I have in the field currently...
  3. F08042 History Date to JDE Date Conversion?

    Howdy, In the HR History table, the Date Terminated is stored as a string, in the F08042.JWHSTD column. Basically, instead of being store as a date, it is stored in the same format as it would appear - if you looked at the value from the database: 109222 111021 ... BUT - the values are stored...
  4. Generate milliseconds since 1970 (Epoch)

    I need to create a column in a JDE table which is a numeric value denoting the number of milliseconds since 1970 when a row is inserted and there doesn't seem to be an existing business function that will generate that based on the current date and time. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  5. How to Convert Date format MM/DD/YY to YYYY/MM/DD ?

    Hi, I need to convert date in format MM/DD/YY to date field of 10 length with format YYYY/MM/DD. I have string ready in format YYYY/MM/DD but not able to convert to date in same format. I tried using BSFN "B74I0010 - Convert String to Date using Format Mask" by passing mask as "EOA" but still...