1. E9.1 Connection between Excel/Power BI to JDE

    Hello! How can you make a connection between Excel/PowerBI and JDE? I am trying to query data from JDE so I don't have to keep logging in, running a report, and finally exporting it to my desktop. Thanks in advance!
  2. E9.1 Where do I find the alpha string for the IMPRP4 code?

    Hello, This is my first post! Apologies if this isn't the right sub-forum. I'm trying to figure out how to find the text string that corresponds to IMPRP4 in F4101 in the database. I am not a regular user of JDE, and haven't had any development training. I've just been able to do some...
  3. Prevent JDE from creating Long data type in Oracle in table generation

    Hi We are (unfortunately) still using JDE B7334 with an Oracle 11G1 database. We are currently implementing a mobile application and we have a new table that acts as an interface between JDE and the mobile app. The application requires a Notes field which we would like to be at least 4000...
  4. Index on Table Conversion

    Hi, If you create a Table Conversion for copying data from one table (F0911) to another (F55911) and with a data selection, for example GLPOST='P', my question is, will the database use the appropriate index by GLPOST although you are not pointing to it becase you only selected F0911 as Input...