data dictionary

  1. E9.2 Renaming fields for all labels / descriptions to reflect usage - Best Practices

    Hi, I've requested a few changes to our technical team as we are using F4801T WR20 for a specific purpose and I want it to be reflected properly in applications that use it so that in a few years when we're trying to find what field does what we aren't wondering which cat code we are looking...
  2. E9.2 Download all JDE DD Items in Excel

    Hello Everyone, We have a request from client to download all the JDE DD Items in Excel. One option i see is to download F9200 & all related tables in excel. But this will be multiple excels not structured data. Is there is a report which dumps in excel or any other way. Your help is...
  3. E9.1 Link Description Field For UDC to Texbox Override

    Hi, It's been along time since I did this but I can't remember how to link a description field for a udc to display to the right of a text box. I have a form with a UDC text box. How do I get the description to appear next to it? See below for detail.
  4. DD changes not reflecting in application

    Recently tried modifying standard DD descriptions and column titles . This DD belongs to localization. Changed value of Row description and column title value. Put the same value in Row description and Column title example: Original values of DD: Row description : ABC ABCDEF Column...
  5. Data Dictionaries per Data Structure

    Hey folks currently we are upgrading to EnterpriseOne 9.2 from 9.0 and facing the following problem. We modified different forminterconnect/reportinterconnect Data Structures. Now we are trying to find as well as our modifications and modifications made by oracle to merge them. We know that...
  6. Need DD for storing IP Address

    I have a requirement to store IP addresses in a JDE table. I am having trouble defining the data element to do so. I am sure that this is an easy question, but can anyone share a DD item that can store the IP address (of the form I should be able to use a text field, but when I enter...
  7. Unable to delete a custom Data Item

    I have created a copy of data item and wants to delete it. I am unable to modify it nor i am able to delete it as the delete buttons appears to be disabled. Is it possible to delete a custom data item from application? Kindly help me on this.<br><br>Note: This data item is not used in any object. 
  8. Rauf

    Should a full package deployment needed after changing a DATA ITEM property(especiall

    As far as my team knows, a full package deployment is needed even I change a data item, say Y59DESC1 having 5 chars, later changed to 12 chars. I am wondering, for a small change, we need to do a full package ? Behind the scenes: Y59DESC1 having an edit rule, IsColumnInMasterTable. After...