1. MiquelDespuig

    E9.2 How Related Address Num (N8RE1) of App: P03013, Form:W03013 is calculated?

    Hi Community and thanks for the help! I want to retrieve for analytic and validation purposes the Related Address Number (N8RE1) from the Billing Information form of a customer. I usually can pull the data from some table, but I can't figure out how this number is populated in the form. So...
  2. E9.2 customer master

    what is the difference between currency code and A/B amount code in customer master
  3. E9.1 customer master- Batch processing mode

    Please explain batch processing mode (I,P,T) from cutomer master P03013
  4. Mike Mackinnon

    E9.2 Sales Order Credit Hold (CO) for A/R and SO Entry

    Is there a method to apply a sales order credit hold for a sales order by using only the outstanding AR amount for the customer? What we are trying to do is only use the actual outstanding receivable amount to determine whether or not to apply the CO credit hold for the customer. The problem...
  5. gina13tiger

    E1 Tax Explanation Code usage with AvaTax

    Hello! We are in the process of implementing AvaTax in our E1 environment and there is a data configuration question that the vendor, Premier, has been unable to answer. Is there a certain tax explanation code that should be used in conjunction with the Avatax tax/rate area code or would you...
  6. Error Id 0949 Currency Exchange Rate Not Found and id 79 Invalid parameters

    Hi , I have two errors in P03B2002 / W03B2002A. When I put some particular customers in my inquiry the system has 2 errors: The customer are all from France and Belgium, with the currency Eur that is the same of our system( we are a italian enterprise). Anyone can advise me for fix...