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    R03B707 Integrity Report: AR to GL by Offset Account Report

    Hi, I am currently working on integrity report of AR, R03B707 AR to GL by Offset Account Report. The report shows some discrepancies, after investigation, we found that they are unrealized currency gain/loss. Could anyone please help? Reports: R03B707 - AR TO GL BY OFFSET ACCOUNT Queries i...
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    Multi-Currency Questions - JE's & CA ledger balances/transactions

    Hello. We have a new location that just went live on our existing E1 platform, and this is the first location to require multi-currency capabilities. I am still getting acclimated to the nuances and wrinkles this introduces into the day-to-day processing, but I had a few questions on topics...
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    Different Setting for different currencies

    Hi all, I have a request from the business to setup different presentations for two currencies 1)PYG and 2) USD basically, for PYG there will be NO decimal points in the currency - so when they print invoice or cheques, the amount on these documents will have no decimal points. however, they...