cross reference field

  1. E9.2 Cross Ref (P4104) Replacement Items for BOMs

    I am trying to understand the correct way of using P4104 (cross refs) with "replacement" items. Specifically I am trying to understand how / when I should be replacing the old item with the new in my BOMs. As toy example, initially we have a BOM defined for a product SKU-FINISHED. That BOM has...
  2. DynamicElber

    E9.1 Proper Setup of Superseded Part Numbers

    A while back, I was watching another company use Item Master in their setup of JDE and when a part was superseded, there was an indicator near the part number that told the user there was a new part number and what that new number was. Memory is foggy, but I want to say there was a message that...
  3. Extend Cross reference field lenght

    We like to expand the Cross reference description field length from approx. 44 characters to approx. 70 characters. The first technical reaction was that is was not possible. I have worked a lot with other ERP programs and cannot imagine it is not possible in JDE. Can someone convince me of...