credit card payment

  1. E9.2 Assessment of Point of Sale Systems for JDE

    Hello The City of Bellevue is assessing our in-person, point of sale, cashiering system. We are on JDE Version 9.2; Tools 9.2.4 We’d appreciate your willingness to share the following: 1. What system do you use to process in-person payments (aka Point of Sale, Cashiering)? 2. If you do not...
  2. Paying Invoices using Corporate Credit Card - How to clear the expenses?

    I have a client seeking who wants to to pay invoices using a Corporate Credit Card. Here’s the high level of their strategy: 1. Create a “dummy bank/suspense account” called CREDIT CARD bank 2. Flag vendors to be paid from that bank 3. Run a separate check run for invoices to be...