1. Moving/Upgrading CreateForm from server 2008 to 2019

    Need to upgrade my print server from 2008. Talking to bottomline about upgrading createform and they are less than helpful on how best to do it overall. Do I setup a new server, move my createform projects, then try to repoint all the iseries printers to the new server or do I upgrade the...
  2. Output Management software - Quadira Advanced Forms

    We installed and implemented this output management solution. We had Create!form before. Advanced Forms software is the best I have seen for JDE. It works easy and has all features needed. Also distribution possibilities. We can even reduce development costs because we can add extra fields to...
  3. adamodar

    Requesting Delivery Receipt in Create!form

    Is there anyway we can request a Delivery Receipt or change the privacy of an email to private using Create!form? I am trying to send out paystubs so want to impose these steps.
  4. Version has CreateForm attached to

    Hi Expert: Can we see or use any way to identify which UBE version has CreateFomm! attached to or use CreateForm!? Thanks to share your info Xe B7332 24.20
  5. adamodar

    Different even and odd pages in Createform

    Is there any way we can create different even and odd pages in Createform like we can in BI Publisher? Our cheque printer prints on both side of the page and I want to Print the payee address behind the cheques.