contract billing

  1. R48120 - Contract Number in F4812 - Billing Detail WF

    Hello all, We are trying to use contract Billing with JE and IC transactions in F0911. When processing the JE doc type transactions, the R48120 populates contract number on F4812 (DOCO). However, when running the report for IC (Work Order) transactions, the DOCO field is not populated. The...
  2. Contract Billing Work file

    we have a large work file that needs to be cleaned up as everything is being posted to it. My question is when you bill the contract what filed gets flagged that it has been processed in the contract. I presume that the field is in the F0911 table. If someone knows I would appreciate the help...
  3. contract billing process flow

    Hi All, Can anyone please help me on contract billing process?like what is the process flow and required set up for create a contract billing transaction.It will help to me a lot.Appreciate your patience.I am waiting for your reply. Thanks Nithya