1. jdecoder

    E9.2 How to loop a connector to perform Pagination on JSON response with possible_pages = n

    Hi, I have a rest endpoint something like this : https://baseurl/v2/some_method?page=0&dayRange=365 which return JSON paylod something like this : { "data":[ {"person_id": "a739fc72-ccd4-46b9-b236-9b25ce1651bb", "person_name": "BEN", "employee_number": "1045469",…}, {"person_id"...
  2. Connect JDE to SharePoint (Custom solution)

    Looking for solutions to connect JDE to SharePoint in order to allow JDE to do the following: 1) Locate a document on SharePoint 2) Ability to update metadata on the found document 3) Monitor the document for change (A change in metadata for example) We are currently seeking a solution for our...