1. E9.2 Get filename from FTP connector and pass to next step adding date along with existing filename

    Hi, Regards, Kaliraj
  2. E9.2 Create orch connector with input array

    Hello everyone, I need to implement a process in which one orchestration call another one. I have orchA that call orchB. The input of orchB is something like the following: { "TRANSACTIONID": "0000000001", "FIELD1": "XXX", "FIELD2": "YYY", "ARRAY": [ { "A": "ZZZ", "B"...
  3. E9.2 JDE Orchestrator Connector Malformed Response

    Hi, We are calling a REST/POST API from Orchestrator - using a connector through a connection - and it works well. However, when there are issues with say the data or duplicates etc, the API will return a JSON file, but it'll return a http code of say 422 - suffice to say it's not returning...
  4. E9.2 Parameter the id of the endpoint in Connections

    Hello all, Example endpoint : I want to parameter the value of city from the connector as an input. How can I target the city in the endpoint as a variable? Thanks and regards.
  5. E9.2 Pass a JSON string through a Connector

    Hello, I want to use a Connector in which I call an external web service & I use a JSON file to send. I would be generating a different JSON every time, so the Orchestrator would receive such a file as a text or CLOB. I.e. a variable. I know the Orchestrator Studio has the sections: Pathing...
  6. jdecoder

    E9.2 How to loop a connector to perform Pagination on JSON response with possible_pages = n

    Hi, I have a rest endpoint something like this : https://baseurl/v2/some_method?page=0&dayRange=365 which return JSON paylod something like this : { "data":[ {"person_id": "a739fc72-ccd4-46b9-b236-9b25ce1651bb", "person_name": "BEN", "employee_number": "1045469",…}, {"person_id"...
  7. Connect JDE to SharePoint (Custom solution)

    Looking for solutions to connect JDE to SharePoint in order to allow JDE to do the following: 1) Locate a document on SharePoint 2) Ability to update metadata on the found document 3) Monitor the document for change (A change in metadata for example) We are currently seeking a solution for our...