1. E9.2 Parsing connector response

    I have created a connector for an external rest call, and I am having issues parsing the return values. The data returns correctly up to the highlighted: This is the raw return: ConnectorRequest1": { "quoteSummaries": [ { "quoteId": 2215455953, "carrier": {...
  2. E9.2 Sending Array/DataSet to Connector POST REST

    An orchestration that my team is working on is needs to make an external POST request to an external application. The data is formatted similar to this in orchestration output: { "var1": "abc", "var2": "xyz", "var3": 123, "array": [ { "avar1": 123...
  3. E9.2 How can I configure a Orchestrator to execute with a specific, predetermined userID, independent of the user launching the Orchestrator?

    I want the Orchestrator to consistently log actions under a predefined user account for tracking, security and auditing purposes. This will also help with different security in different applications that the end user might not have. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  4. E9.2 Get filename from FTP connector and pass to next step adding date along with existing filename

    Hi, Regards, Kaliraj
  5. E9.2 Create orch connector with input array

    Hello everyone, I need to implement a process in which one orchestration call another one. I have orchA that call orchB. The input of orchB is something like the following: { "TRANSACTIONID": "0000000001", "FIELD1": "XXX", "FIELD2": "YYY", "ARRAY": [ { "A": "ZZZ", "B"...
  6. E9.2 JDE Orchestrator Connector Malformed Response

    Hi, We are calling a REST/POST API from Orchestrator - using a connector through a connection - and it works well. However, when there are issues with say the data or duplicates etc, the API will return a JSON file, but it'll return a http code of say 422 - suffice to say it's not returning...
  7. E9.2 Parameter the id of the endpoint in Connections

    Hello all, Example endpoint : I want to parameter the value of city from the connector as an input. How can I target the city in the endpoint as a variable? Thanks and regards.
  8. E9.2 Pass a JSON string through a Connector

    Hello, I want to use a Connector in which I call an external web service & I use a JSON file to send. I would be generating a different JSON every time, so the Orchestrator would receive such a file as a text or CLOB. I.e. a variable. I know the Orchestrator Studio has the sections: Pathing...
  9. jdecoder

    E9.2 How to loop a connector to perform Pagination on JSON response with possible_pages = n

    Hi, I have a rest endpoint something like this : https://baseurl/v2/some_method?page=0&dayRange=365 which return JSON paylod something like this : { "data":[ {"person_id": "a739fc72-ccd4-46b9-b236-9b25ce1651bb", "person_name": "BEN", "employee_number": "1045469",…}, {"person_id"...
  10. Connect JDE to SharePoint (Custom solution)

    Looking for solutions to connect JDE to SharePoint in order to allow JDE to do the following: 1) Locate a document on SharePoint 2) Ability to update metadata on the found document 3) Monitor the document for change (A change in metadata for example) We are currently seeking a solution for our...