business functions

  1. E9.2 How to translate BLOB field from F98720?

    Hello all, we are trying to read F98720 table that contains the info of Business Views and their table joins. We are struggling to find a way to interpretate the BLOB field... Does anyone know about a Business Function or something that can read this field and translate it? We found an API...
  2. JT8101962

    Standard Business Function for inserting IR transactions into the Cardex

    is there a Standard Business Function for inserting IR transactions into the EnterpriseOne Inventory Cardex? And if so, can anyone tell me the name of that function and how to call it? Preferably I would like to call such a function from either a SQL Server stored procedure using a linked...
  3. Count of matching records in find browse form

    Hi, I want to find the matching records in the find browse form and display the count of matching records in a single grid. Please find the attachment for better understanding. Any inputs are appreciated.
  4. What is best way to learn Business Function in C?

    Hi All, I would like to develop some business function in C,But i don't have idea how to write business function in C. Can any one help me on this. Thanks, Nagendra.
  5. What is the best practice to develop business functions in jde?

    Hi All, As I am JDE beginner I started to learn business functions in C. But I am unable to understand code when I opened X00022.c file. I am passing address number and retrieving alpha name. It is also same like GET NEXT UNIQUE KEY ID(X00022.c). I struck in between ,Can one help me on...