1. E9.2 Supplier Minimum payments per month

    Hello JDE Gurus, Per some of our contracts, we are supposed to pay minimum payments to a supplier per month. If the minimum amount is reached when we cut our regular POs to suppliers, we do not need to make any extra payments. If the minimum is not reached, we have to make up the difference...
  2. Rauf

    Budget: Is there any way to apply for selected suppliers.

    Requirement: The financial manager will prepare what to pay next month. The user assigned for payment will be restricted to pay only up to the prepared amount. After this amount, the user will get error message and cannot proceed. Is there exist anything like the above in E1 8.12. It is a kind...
  3. Brazilian Localisation - ICMS/IPI rows on F0911 with subledger (using project budget)

    Brazilian Localization - ICMS/IPI rows on F0911 with subledger (using project budget) Hi, We are facing the following scenario: We are using the budget control in order to identify when the purchases has been reached the budget setup properly. This control is working fine. However, we are...