1. Alteration of availability checking to include non-blank lot status codes

    Has anyone ever customized the system to allow a non-blank lot status code to be considered available inventory? If so, can you provide a little detail on the extent of the change needed and the repercusions t future system use in terms of ESUs etc?
  2. Non-blank lot status availability

    I understand that with the use of lot status groups you can allow certain applications to commit and consume inventory on a non blank lot status, but summary availability calculations still show these items as unavailable. We have a requirement to show a non blank lot as available and I was...
  3. Non blank lot status for availability

    I understand that from a summary availability perspective non-blank lot status will always be unavailable, and I get that you can setup allowed lot status groups for certain processing (sales, work orders, etc) however, I would like to have a non-blank lot status (A:Approved) that would show up...