asset management

  1. JDE 9.2 and Esri ArcGIS for asset management integration?

    Hi, I am trying to find a 3rd party integration for JDE 9.2 and ArcGIS for asset management integration. What I have found is custom development between the 2 systems using asset ID# passed between web portals using simple parsing. This is rudimentary at best and not really a true integration...
  2. Water/ Waste Water Management software?

    Hi, I work for a municipality in Ontario, Canada with a population of approx 100,000 citizens. Is there any water/waste water management software that supports municipalities and has good/decent integration with JD Edwards or has support from a boutique integrator to build custom integration...
  3. Rauf

    Benefits for employees: Should it be in HCM or in Asset Management ?

    My company is to log all details of employees who is having laptop, mobile phone, car etc. These are the benefits for employees. Is JDE 8.12 is having modules to manage these details. Is it come in Asset management or in Human Capital Management ?