1. Interoperability tool, which one would I use? RTE? BSSV? SS?

    Hello guys, I'm working on a new customer which we have some requirements to "talk" to a 3rd party system, the scenarios we've mapped until now are the following: 1 - 3rd party system send some information which we have to read e create Sales and Purchase Orders 2 - 3rd party system will...
  2. earthdog

    Architecture options for centralised 9.1 system

    Hi All! Currently i have 4 separate AS400 systems that serve 4 countries with JDEdwards ERP 8.0. This solution has been serving us for 10 years now. My BI tool of choice is IBM Cognos and ETL tool is SSIS. data Warehouse is on SQL Server. We want to move to a centralised 9.1 system that...