1. Orchestrator - Message request connect to application

    Hello everyone, i designed an orchestration that send a message to an email address when a specific event occurs. That mail contains a link to a jde EnterpriseOne application. The sent link was something like "tcp:///jde:80 etc etc". When i click on this link the app doesn't appear. When i...
  2. jdecoder

    Consuming AIS Internally in JDE Applications

    Hi All, I have a use case where a user goes into Multiple Forms and applications Multiple times to do the exact same thing. I want to create a JDE Custom application to consume a AIS Orchestration internally. Eg: 1. Create an employee master application for an new hire. (Applications 1 - 3...
  3. Count of matching records in find browse form

    Hi, I want to find the matching records in the find browse form and display the count of matching records in a single grid. Please find the attachment for better understanding. Any inputs are appreciated.