1. Developing with MAF or ADF

    Hi Guys I am assigned to design and build an application for JDE. I have the AIS installed but i am confused as to which platforms should i build on as there are little to know about the MAF & ADF. I am trying to build an entry screen which writes to a customised table. Do share with me your...
  2. AIS Class Generator

    Hi Guys, Recently had the AIS configured and wanted to start some ADF development. However while I was on the step to generate the ais class generator, I hit the following issue "401 Verify WLS Server Basic Authorization Header configuration in domain config.xml...
  3. Standalone 9.2 with Mobile Apps

    Hi All, Would like to test out mobiles apps from a recently installed Standalone 9.2 . Any ideas on this? Many thanks. Regards, Edward Kok