accounts receivable

  1. E9.2 Incorrect Open Amount in P03B2002

    Hello community, I have an issue with application P03B2002. For certain chargeback invoices, when I query an invoice number and fill in the as of date in the header, the open amount disappears even though the invoice is not closed. When I remove the as of date and requery, the amount appears...
  2. E9.2 R007021 - Showing Unposted Header

    Hey Guys , upon running the R007021 Transactions To Batch Headers Integrity Report , I received an error message on F03B13 to F011 - Batch Header (F0011) Posted / Header (F03B13) Unposted I do not see the mentioned Payment ID in Batch Revisions Applications , the only records that exist for it...
  3. Mike Mackinnon

    E9.2 Form Extension - Add/Update Field

    I am adding a field using form extension and am having some difficulty getting the field working properly. I have added the field to the form (P03B102 | W03B102E) but when running the application the new field will only update when doing an update to existing record, it will not update when...
  4. gina13tiger

    Using Advanced Cost Accounting (cost objects) with AR GL Cash Receipts

    Has anyone had any previous experience in situations where a check is received and you are using the AR process cash receipts to do a General Ledger receipt, but you want to book this to an account that requires a cost object? The application that we enter the GL string, P03B0001, doesn't seem...
  5. Cash Application: Negative RI creating RB

    Another 9.2 issue We use the R03B551/R03B50 to apply both ACH and Lockbox receipts. We just got RM's and negative RI's working on 9.2 (Note, they now have to be ran together unlike in 9.2) Today, we had 3 negative RI's create RB's for the same customer. This is the first time it has...
  6. Accounts Receivable Incorrect Posting

    Hello: Does anyone have any suggestions for the following: Selected wrong customer to post payment in previous period. Just discovered error. Is there a way to reopen and re-age the invoices that were incorrectly applied? G Nonaka