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accounts receivable

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    Using Advanced Cost Accounting (cost objects) with AR GL Cash Receipts

    Has anyone had any previous experience in situations where a check is received and you are using the AR process cash receipts to do a General Ledger receipt, but you want to book this to an account that requires a cost object? The application that we enter the GL string, P03B0001, doesn't seem...
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    Cash Application: Negative RI creating RB

    Another 9.2 issue We use the R03B551/R03B50 to apply both ACH and Lockbox receipts. We just got RM's and negative RI's working on 9.2 (Note, they now have to be ran together unlike in 9.2) Today, we had 3 negative RI's create RB's for the same customer. This is the first time it has...
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    Accounts Receivable Incorrect Posting

    Hello: Does anyone have any suggestions for the following: Selected wrong customer to post payment in previous period. Just discovered error. Is there a way to reopen and re-age the invoices that were incorrectly applied? G Nonaka