1. Can we run tools release 9.2 with 9.1 software?

    What I’ve seen on Oracle support shows MTR needs 9.2 for every TR of 9.2. Windows server 2008, sql backend Currently running E1 9.1 with TR Any input would be greatly appreciated!
  2. PDF to Open Immediately

    Requirement - Click a field on a custom web app to launch a UBE and have the PDF open immediately instead of forcing the user to go to submitted jobs. The UBE has a BI publisher report definition associated to it. What is the best way to do this? I assume if I map UBE to run locally (via OCM)...
  3. Export Media Objects w/ HTML Tags

    Hello, Is there a way to export media objects with the HTML tags? We need the formatting specified in the attachment (bold, italics, bullets, etc) to be exported so that text and formatting can be imported to another system. Thanks in advance!
  4. Capacity Planning for JDE 9.2

    We are currently on JDE XE SP24. Our primary Enterprise Server runs on IBM i. We are exploring the possibility of migrating to a Windows Server environment when upgrading to JDE 9.2. What I am struggling to find are resources on capacity planning/right-sizing for the Windows-based Enterprise...
  5. E1 Composed Page Name Change

    This could be a dumb question, but I can't find documentation that covers this online. Is it possible to change the name of an E1 Composed Page after it has been published? Thanks!
  6. Standalone 9.2 with Mobile Apps

    Hi All, Would like to test out mobiles apps from a recently installed Standalone 9.2 . Any ideas on this? Many thanks. Regards, Edward Kok
  7. tools & interop

    Has anyone had success using the xml callobject with tools from an external application? In our attempts, if we use the jar files, it does not connect, but if we drop in the jar files from an older release (, we don't have any issues connecting. Thanks, Camilla ----...
  8. Alex_Pastuhov

    Boomerang is going through Oracle Validated Integration process for 9.2

    This may not be big news for any of the hundreds of happy existing Boomerang users, but for potential new prospects it could be: Boomerang is being validated by Oracle for E920
  9. 9.2 Standalone on Win10 or 8.1

    Hi, I have been unsuccessful installing 9.2 Standalone on Win 10 and 8.1. I was stuck with compatibility issues with WebLogic and Oracle Database installation. I also tried with the downloads posted last week in Oracle edelivery. Did anyone succeed? Please post your suggestions. Thanks
  10. EnterpriseOne 9.2 Available for Download

    I was able to get the tools release downloaded since it seems to be available thru both UpdateCenter and EDelivery. Has anyone found where to download platform packs for E1 9.2 off of EDelivery?