9.2 standalone

  1. E9.2 32-bit database client for 9.2 standalone

    Hi, I'm beginning to install 9.2 standalone and have completed downloading required files from edelivery after checking certifications. While downloading 32-bit database client though, I saw a message about license requirements to use some components of the download. I wanted to understand what...
  2. AnilKumar9

    Error While Testing BSSV in 9.2 Demo

    Good Day to all JDE Experts, I'm facing the below all Warnings, when i try to test my Code by creating sample Java Class in Jdeveloper software. Details: SYSTEM : 9.2 Demo JDeveloper:12.1.3 32bit JDK: jdk-8u21 WebLogic: fmw_12. Local web : Installed Successfully but facing this...
  3. UBE on Demo 9.2

    Hi, I am unable to run BV from Fat client 9.2 Demo..., no response when I do data selection. Not sure what went wrong with my installation (on Win8.1)..! Any of you had this issue? Any tricks to run UBEs from web..!? Please suggest with fix or work-around. Thanks.
  4. 9.2 Standalone on Win10 or 8.1

    Hi, I have been unsuccessful installing 9.2 Standalone on Win 10 and 8.1. I was stuck with compatibility issues with WebLogic and Oracle Database installation. I also tried with the downloads posted last week in Oracle edelivery. Did anyone succeed? Please post your suggestions. Thanks