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  1. Inventory Adjustments in Advanced Warehousing

    Hello, Inventory adjustments are supported only in Advanced warehousing (not supported in base warehousing) and it works fine as you mentioned. Thanks Visw
  2. Error voucher match

    Hi, Review the setup for the payment terms on the order. Advanced Payment terms are defined in P00145. If no rule is defined for the payment term, check to see if the Installments Present box is checked. If so, take the Form exit for Installments and check to see if a rule is defined for the...
  3. Prompt fpr an external data selection

    Hi Bohner, As you told, we thought of doing in the same way... But the BSFN B9090001 is Client only BSFN to set processing option values...(But we need Client / Server BSFN) Can u suggest any other BSFN / Logic to set the PO values ? Thanks Viswa
  4. Prompt fpr an external data selection

    Hi Chan, Just wanted to know, Is that BSFN is X983052 (C BSFN) or any other thing. Thanks Viswa
  5. Prompt fpr an external data selection

    Thanks for your reply...Bohner We'll try this.. Thanks Viswa
  6. Prompt fpr an external data selection

    Hi Bohner, We are trying to call a report from an application in web server, for that report external data selection has to prompted before submitting that job. we have system function Launch UBE which will do that, but i need to pass Report interconnect values as well... Thanks
  7. Prompt fpr an external data selection

    Hi All, Is there any BSFN / way for prompting external data selection for a report which is calling from an application in server ( Web - JDE E1 9.0) Thanks Viswa