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    Requested BSSV Method cannot be Invoked

    I have created a BSSV and a C BSFN to consume a 3rd party service. When I call the BSFN through an interactive app, I get an error and the server log shows the following error - [SEVERE][BSSVFRAMEWORK][Context ID:] Requested BSSV Method...
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    P4310 Check In

    Hello All, I am facing this problem of NOT being able to check in the P4310. We have made modifications to it before but now when I try to check in the object with or without new modifications, I get an error when the FDASPEC is being written. The only variable that has changed was the...
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    RDA on WTS in XE (M.O.U.S.E.)

    Jack, No you cannot use RDA for the simple reason that you cannot check out the object. Thanks Bijal --- Jack_Crouch <j.crouch@ssss.com> wrote: > Still hoping that someone can difinitively tell me whether or not one > can use RDA on a WTS/Citrix client in XE. > > AS400 V4R4, B733.2, SP11.3...