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  1. E9.2 Migration of JDE from on-premise to OCI

    Im going to hope/guess you still have support going to OCI. I would search MOS for "How to change out" for all of the above. For example, the dep server is Doc ID 659735.1. The above approach should be fine. The big thing that always gets people is the dep server. Make sure to brush up on...
  2. E9.2 9.2 release Bug 25641779 - ADDITIONAL GRID COL FOR P42101. I need the code :)

    Hey Zaki, you can download JN14763, extract it, and ER Compare it to your object / print the differences from that. Basically, you run the ESU on your fat client, it'll create a folder with the specs in it. Cancel the installation when it asks. Then go in to OMW, do an ER compare to remote...
  3. E9.2 Error publish Form Extension

    My spanish is rusty, but it looks like you have to make your orchestrations Shared first.
  4. E9.2 JDE Certification exams

    That should have read "You'd be better served learning some of the newer Orchestrator type stuff than worry about a CNC test". Sorry about that. Where'd the edit post button go? :)
  5. E9.2 JDE Certification exams

    I have it, but I don't think it's a particularly useful certification to have outside of being a consultant. There was a good deal of implementation related stuff, but nothing deep. I think some of the more obscure questions were around OCI and where to get 1-click stuff (which is of no use to...
  6. E9.2 new 9.2 install, full package troubles

    I know this may be a long shot but I think it's suffice to say you are in long shot territory, are all of the files in central objects set to autoextend?
  7. E9.2 new 9.2 install, full package troubles

    I had an issue where I was short F9862 records (i.e. I forgot it completely on a copy) It wouldn't really throw an error beyond stopping the inserts the repository tables. B000012 is in the F9862, do you have a record for it? You may see something in the work folder under your package build if...
  8. E9.2 new 9.2 install, full package troubles

    I probably replied to fast... and thus my first post is useless. Are you loading the F98780R/H at all? Since its a new install, did the OCM's get created for the F98780R/H in Central Objects / do the tables exist? On the deployment server end, you should see the load happening in the package log...
  9. E9.2 new 9.2 install, full package troubles

    You can also sql delete the objects in question from the F98780R/H (if they're there at all) and set EMDBSRCFLG to 2. That should only update the missing records.
  10. E9.2 How to get versions created in PY BV to DV in OMW

    You can handle this a few ways, but really since its an IV, you can do a straight insert from the F983051 Central Objects - PY to F983051 in Central Objects - DV where vrpid = 'P4210' and vrvers in ('Version1','Version2') You could also create reverse promotion rules to "promote" from PY - > DV.
  11. E9.2 Local Full Busbuild on TR9.2.5.1

    Just guessing, but I think this is more due to the fact that the repository (F98780R) is now the "source of truth" for the C code, so I'm assuming you're telling it which central objects repository location to look at (from RDB) to grab the files before compiling. I'm also assuming if you check...
  12. E9.2 Manual Clean-Up To Remove Uninstalled Standalone 9.2 via ReconfigureDB.exe

    Im not sure what the need really is here, but you could always change e1local to NTS,NONE ins SQLNET.ORA, add your login name (for the OS) to the Oracle DBA group, restart, and then run sqlplus / as sysdba and change the SYS and SYSTEM passwords to whatever you like.
  13. E9.1 Demand not showing from one branch to another

    Which brings up a good point.... I think a lot of people will be seeing that this year if they've upgraded. Folks may want to look at running dateutil (available from the update center) to scan for 12/31/2020 expiration date.
  14. Slow Performance on XML Publishing

    You could have 2 issues. Here's the bug I had - This issue is caused due to defect in tools release and is reported under the BUG 24908055 and Bug 24909217 - EXTERNAL PINGER PROCESS CAUSES XMLP JOBS STAY AT WX FOREVER. You may also want to clear some old UBE's output from the RD Jobs tables...
  15. Slow Performance on XML Publishing

    If it's an old tools version, there was a code change I needed on the xmlp kernel at a client because basically the kernel would never sleep long enough and jobs would just sit there for a very long time before processing would magically just start and everything would finish. Im not remembering...