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  1. PO Generator P43011 and ST/OT Transfer Orders

    Hi, Has anyone used PO Generator to create OT which should create corresponding ST? I have double checked version settings and the ST is not generated once the OT is created. Is this not possible? Thanks Teri
  2. E1 Page Custom Icons

    This was a really great question. I too am having an issue with uploading / displaying a custom image. I had no issues with Classic Page Generator. Can someone please respond. Thanks!
  3. Multiple Carrier by Sales Detail Line - Multiple Pick Slip R42520

    Multiple Carrier by Sales Detail Line - Multiple Pick Slip R42520 I recall World had some type of functionality that supported multiple carriers and pick slips, but cannot seem to find the setup in E1 v9. Example: Sales order contains (3) items / lines. Line 1 and line 3 are shipping UPS...
  4. UDC Sharing; UDC Row Security

    Hi Luke, UDC tables are locked down to std users, so they are unable to add/change. Lets use UDC 01/26 for example. In World, I could grant authority to a user to this UDC table. They could maintain this specific UDC table but no others. There are some UDC tables that are not a risk. I am trying...
  5. UDC Sharing; UDC Row Security

    In World db, you had the ability to allow a user access to maintain specific UDC tables. In E1 I understand it's UDC sharing or available using Row Security. Has anyone successfully setup security in E1 by role for specific UDC table? If so, please advise how. Thanks
  6. UDC Sharing; UDC Row Security

    In the World databse you had the ability to open up specific UDC tables to a user without allowing security to all tables. In E1, I understand you can do this through UDC sharing and/or row security. Has anyone been successful and if yes, can you advise how you would setup? Thanks
  7. Credit Card Numbers and Sales

    Hi Sannan, Use the delivery instructions in the billing instructions screen, P4206. This defaults into the sales order header. We use the Acct No etc fields. Teri
  8. Storing Item Weights

    Is anyone using a JDE designated field in Item Master or Branch Plant to store the weight of an item? All our cat codes are full. I was hoping there was an exit program that contains this information / field that I've missed. Thanks
  9. Eliminating a particular inventory location from on hand quantities

    I was wondering if anyone in World A.73 cum 11 knows of an easy way to eliminate a particular location from calculating in the on hand totals? We have a location for refected material, but it's effecting our on hand. Thanks Teri
  10. Sales Order Header Purge?

    We wrote a program to search for header records with no detail which then purges the records.
  11. RMA (Return Material Authorization) in A73 - custom enhancement

    Reason Code can be entered for each line in the Order Detail Screen, field RCD. This is exit (1) off of the detail screen, P42111. We use text lines to return product out the door which has been repaired. We set up an I line type to return the product in house for repair. We use a backwards...
  12. Additional fields for Cost other than IM and BP field use or P4105

    I was wondering if anyone has any idea's on where our users could add additional costing to a non UDC field, by Item Number, without using P4105. Due to SOX requirements we cannot open security to Purchasing. We have also utilized any generic fields in both the IM and BP. Does anyone have a...