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  1. Advanced Pricing - BC8

    Hi again. I changed browsers then it worked. Thanks anyway. It works, but like the other only returns a small set of F4211 fields
  2. Basic Code 8 advanced pricing business function

    Hi all, As per Oracles instructions and other threads on here to use P4072 ‘Object Library’ (stored in F4072.ADFRMN) to specify a custom business function we must use the data structure D4500210. This data structure passes into the function “idF4211RowPtr” which is a pointer to the F4211 record...
  3. Advanced Pricing - BC8

    Hi Boris, Is this C function still available? (I can't open the attachment - maybe its because the post is so old?). I'm trying to do exactly this at the moment but can't seem to retrieve some fields from the F4211 cache. Thanks, Mark
  4. Anyone on 8.12? A favour please...

    Hi Remo, It was a function to check whether a database is AS400 or not and was part of an ESU - JK22345 I have a work around now so don't really need it as urgently. Thanks anyway
  5. Anyone on 8.12? A favour please...

    Hello all, There is a business function I need to look at that was part of an ESU for release 8.12 If anyone is on 8.12 please could you print the event rules for N740005 and post them? Thanks, Mark.
  6. Installing an ESU on Demo Standalone

    Hi, Has anyone managed to install an ESU on a DEMO standalone version of JDE? I have a 9.1 demo machine and would like to install an ESU there. Ive tried changing the pathcode in the ini files from 'planner' to 'demo' but it doesnt work. Anyone ever done this? Thanks, Mark.
  7. cystal reports book. Crystal Reports XI: The Complete Reference

    Hi all, I could do with a good book on Crystal and was wondering if anyones got Crystal Reports XI: The Complete Reference by George Peck? It looks quite good but I wondered how applicable it is to using Crystal with Enterprise One (which is all im interested in) ? Thanks for your input. Mark.
  8. Reports not opening

    Steve, I will try your INI file sugestion for this server, Im just wondering why its suddenly gone like this? Larry, Ive added my system details to my signature now and yes I do mean viewing PDF's from OW. I can map a network drive to the server and open a PDF directly in the printqueue...
  9. Reports not opening

    Hi, Has anyone had problems opening reports on a server but only when they are over 1mb in size? It was ok yesterday and as far as I can tell nothing has changed on our system but now OneWorld takes a few seconds to open small reports and just hangs for ages when trying to open large reports on...