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  1. E9.2 Ignore specific Lot status-MRP

    Hi, Can you please let me know if there are any existing options that can be used to exclude specific lot status to be excluded from triggering messages when R3483 is run? Like the option which is present to to include specific lot status in processing on the PO of R3483. Thanks!
  2. E9.2 MRP Processing

    Hello, Can someone help to suggest how the horizon period (days/weeks/months) on the processing options of R3483 is been calculated/considered to generate MRP messages? Also the relation of it with the planning/message fence days on the item/BP. Thanks!
  3. E9.2 No MRP messages were trigerred

    Hello, Thanks for your reply. Yes the supply demand version is included in PO and the work orders have parts list attached. But the requested date on the parts list is blank while the committed date has a date mentioned on it. So do we need to have requested date to be updated as well?
  4. E9.2 No MRP messages were trigerred

    Hi, We have an item for which the MRP messages are not trigerred when R3483 is run. The below check were done. 1. item BP setup seems to be fine (planning code/fence days) 2. The data selection and PO of R3483 is matched 3. We do have demand for the same 4. Calendar setup exists Let me know if...
  5. E9.2 Inventory Issue-Item lcoation

    Hi All, Can someone help to know if item/location is a mandatory field to be entered as system prompts for error without giving location while the IA transactions show only warning message as "Item/Location not found". Or it works as per functionality that item/location is mandatory for II.
  6. Mode Of Transport-Sales Order management

    Hi, Kindly let us know your ideas on the below We DO NOT use transportation module but wanted the Mode of Transport field to be populated on sales order (F4201/F4211) while creation.So is there any option for this? Thanks